What a blessing in Juarez!

By Emory Widener on 8/18/2018

Our team traveled to Juarez July 25-28 this summer (2018) and compl...

A Bed for Ariel's Mom

By Beth Korinek on 3/12/2018

(Submitted by Jim Nock) One of the first days we were in Nicaragua...

Jessenia's Story

By Beth Korinek on 3/12/2018

During our Day at the Dump in 2017, two of our team members led 12-...

Juarez year 2

By Kristine Gardner on 3/1/2018

It was so great to see old friends I made from the year prior, and ...


People Engaged with Cherry Hills Community Church

Susan Yoke Jennifer Goldstein Abby Willis KaraLee Hensley Kelsey Zwart Abby Walz Marilyn Sprowles Jerry Blocher Christopher Bragg John Barry Dave Brooks Maria Completo Evan Kramlich Justin Mullins Jenny McInturff Michael Harget Weiling Chang Karen Story Tyler Brayton Adele Virden Sydney  Hertz Shelly Howard Shannon Baldwin James Nock Gabriel Haughton Ashley Butler Laura Doanes Jon Flynn Paige Bizzell Shaun Forshey Luc Malouf Brian Wood Jennifer Walls Carol Parrish Grace Simpson Addison Blocher Jamie Myers Jane Nichols Randy Sewald Kenna Caldwell Jim Heckman Kate Staiert Monica Kopp Chase Karel Lindsey Bush Graham Blocher Clair Morrill Deanna Widener Jessica Gimbel Micaiah Wilson Debra Barry Michael Davis Abigail McVay Jerry Biesboer Aaron Lopez Joani Baird Susie Thomas Natalie Modly Jacob Haughton Austin Scheich Dee Nock Cheryl Strong Stan Bessey Chantal Spires Emily Temby Maggie Coan Natalie  Weber Ann Nerney Nancy  Knudson Mitchell Paur Melia Cooksey Grayson Zwart Ruby Fast Connie Hensley Shelby Hertz Mike Gardner Natalie McGowan Jennifer Gance Carolyn Burnette Peter Belleau Caitlin Story Kelly Stanek Tom Williams Becky Holmes Luanne Hildebrandt Rick Mellett Taylor Gray David Ells Stephanie Ismert Rachael Raymond Lexi McLeran Ronald Stecker Eric Varner Zachary Forshey Cary Krukowski Aiden Columbia Abigail Frier Mic Davis Alli Wallace Theresa Feezel

Past Opportunities