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Juarez Information Night - 12/19

Dec 19,2017 7:00 PM-8:30 PM (MST)
Highlands Ranch, CO
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Juarez Information Night - 1/9

Jan 9,2018 7:00 PM-8:30 PM (MST)
Highlands Ranch, CO
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Opportunity to be of service!

By Emory Widener on 4/18/2017

I am so very excited to have been presented this opportunity to be ...

Wendy's Work in Juarez

By Wendy Werner on 4/1/2017

Going to Juarez was the most eye-opening thing I have ever done. Se...

Dr. Amy Copeland, DDS

By Amy Copeland on 3/22/2017

After college, I researched joining the Peace Corps because I wante...

Steph Travels: El Crucero Dental/Medical Mission Trip

By Stephanie Connell on 3/4/2017

I am so excited to be able to share God's love and my skills as a D...


People Engaged with Cherry Hills Community Church

Tim Guthrie Zoe Henke Gabriel Haughton Naomi Jaeger Laurie Abplanalp Scott Henke Mitchell Paur Emory Widener Eva Loring Shay Wedeking Brian Burson Winnie Lai Nancy  Knudson Alexandra Jayne Natalie McGowan Carol Meyer Phil Heiser Maggie Coan David Ells Lesli Dumler Grace Myers Stephanie Connell Shelly Howard Amy Copeland Grace Simpson Jamie Myers KaraLee Hensley Jack Scherer Jackie Scherer Jon Flynn Molly Hunt Audrey Myers Keshia leach Shannon Baldwin Hannah Anhuth Susie Thomas Leyel Hudson Connie Hensley Ken Jaeger Andrea Powers Allyson Story Carol Parrish Kelly Stanek Micaiah Wilson Judy Hobbs Yadira Rosinski Cindy Alexander Jennifer Goldstein Dwayne & Shelley  Mills Chantal Spires Jen Ortmann Chris Frazier Marc Araneta Peter Belleau Jessica Gimbel John Barry Kristine Gardner Leigh Dunn Matt Misegadis Cole Scherer Chris Barker George Finlay Ashley Mullins Stan Bessey Amy Richardson John Jaeger Tom Williams Aaron Lopez Debra Barry Dave Brooks Jisel Vazquez Chris Simpson Joani Baird Cary Krukowski Brent Hines Jesse Todd Martin Farrand Beth Anderson Weiling Chang John Ortmann Debra Burton Joseph Haughton Jane Eaton Mackenzie Zody Chad Scherer Robert Narro Chelsea Boh Shad Sleeth Jon Amole Chip Hudson Kim Glaser Caralyn Ladd Mack Nock Adele Virden Liesl Young Sheri Haughton Terrie Clark Geoff Landry Kevin Ross Paige Bizzell

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Cherry Hills @ Work

Oct 18 - Nov 15, 2017
Highlands Ranch, CO
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