Changed Life’s in Juarez- Including mine!

This was my first mission trip. It was more impactful than I could of ever imagined.

It is amazing that when many hands come together with God.. a home can be built in two days for a deserving family of 6. A room addition can change a sweet boy with cerbal palsy’s life to be able to receive therapy and be able to shower! The familys were so eager to help with the building, it was beautiful.

I really enjoyed literally covering the house in scripture- the framing, siding etc.

To see the conditions they were living in and yet still happy because they had each other. To hear the dad exclaim his 4 pairs of shoes donated will last for the rest of his life, and how he thought he was to old to ever have a house.

I had the honor of giving them a bible (in Spanish) we all signed and highlighted scripture.

As much as I enjoyed building and helping with a very tangible need, the relationships are what really spoke to me. Seeing the families and team members who had built in the past reunite was very touching.

It was also fun to go to their church service. The mother gave us a thank you note and actually wrote scripture in it!!

Missions Ministry is all heart and is meeting the needs of the less fortunate and gently loving them into the kingdom of Christ.

Love has no color, language or financial status..

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