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Tired of the same ol' 9-5 grind?

Have you ever felt like your life in the marketplace between 8a-5p simply doesn’t make a difference when it comes to spiritual issues? Or that ministry doesn’t take place outside the context of the church?
How Doing Good for the Community is GREAT for Business
Judah Musick is an entrepreneurial leader who specializes in lean product development. His passion is solving real world problems with talented web and mobile development teams, and lean startup methodologies. He has built successful software projects inside large fortune 500 companies, SMB's and for numerous startups. 

Come hear about the Community Impact Fund which helps companies leverage their corporate giving to drive maximum social impact as well as increase profitability to the company itself. The Community Impact Fund exemplifies Matthew 22:37-39: Love God and Love your neighbor!
7:00am - 8:30am, in the Fireside Room, CHCC
We look forward to seeing you again and hope you enjoyed a great summer!
Rob, Gary, Joan, Julie, Jerry, Bryan and JP

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Wednesdays 7-8:30am, Room #225 - Fireside Room
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