Testimonies, Prayer and Worship @FeG Bünde

Our last evening in Bünde was spent in fellowship with all the church teams at the farm church of FeG Bünde. We had spent much of Friday and Saturday apart as we helped four different churches prepare and then execute on four different outreach events. On Sunday evening, the CHCC team along with the Germany church teams came together for a time of testimony, prayer and worship. We thanked God for how the outreach events went and the new friendships developed between the CHCC team and the German church teams. We also spent time giving testimonies of how God showed up before, during and after the outreach events.

Toward the end of the evening, we walked about a 1/2 mile up a hill from the FeG Bünde church that overlooked the valley that our church planting partners had claimed for Christ. As the sun was getting close to setting, we sang praises to our great God and Savior. We were thankful for His hands in all the activities that took place that week, we felt a sense of belonging like one usually has when with family and we were excited for what God has planned for the valley we were overlooking.

Watch this video to get just a taste of what that experience was like:


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