Bünde - Bauernhof (Farm Vacation) Kids

Ruby, Trey, Colby and I had such a fun time helping the FeG Bünde church with their farm camp. The camp was on Friday and Saturday from 3-6pm and around 35 kids attended the camp. The kids had an opportunity to work with animals, gather and cut wood and create crafts. The families of the kids were then invited to a Sunday service and barbeque. At the church service there were over 110 in attendance with over half of those being visitors! At the church service we shared Revelations 3:20 and explained that Jesus loves us so much he stands at the door of our hearts knocking and waiting for us to open our lives to him. In Germany, church is an old tradition and many believe that their infant baptism and paying the state church tax makes them a Christian. Many don't realize that they need to take action in confessing their sin and accepting Jesus into their lives.

After the service we had a fun BBQ, interacting for the last time with the camp kids and talking to the parents. It was fun to see Trey and Colby interacting and playing with all the German kids. Ruby and I loved working with and getting to know the FeG Bünde church members. We all had fun working with our German church planting partners in spreading the love of Jesus.

Our prayer is simply that seeds were planted and it made someone take one step closer to Jesus.

Enjoy this video that shows some of the activities during the camp and church service.


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