A Bed for Ariel's Mom

(Submitted by Jim Nock) One of the first days we were in Nicaragua, we visited the ministry home of “Beauty for Ashes Project”, whose mission it is to love, nurture and facilitate good schooling for children/ young teenagers who grew up in the city dump and were now living in a relocation area. We were able to take the children/teens to the city water park that day, where they had never been. I was paired with a young teen named Ariel. He was extremely reserved, spoke very quietly, and was hesitant to join in the fun of the water park. After the water park time, he certainly continued to be on my mind.
Later that week we returned to the Beauty for Ashes ministry home. While there, Kara (the leader) told a story of something special that had just happened a day or two before. While they were praying in the evening, Kara sensed the Lord telling her to go and buy the best bed in Managua for Ariel’s mother. Though she didn’t understand, Kara obeyed what she heard; she went and bought an expensive, nice bed for his mother. When they delivered it to the poor, small home, Ariel’s mother was completely overwhelmed. Kara saw a small thin mat that had been the mother’s bed for years. Ariel was in tears. He told Kara that he had thought that God didn’t love him, because he didn’t see God answer his prayers the way he saw happen with the other children. His central prayer had been that his mom could have a good bed and not have to sleep on that mat anymore. Wow.
Kara talked with us about how interesting it was that God wanted Ariel’s mother to have an extremely nice bed. Not just a pretty good upgrade. His love is extravagant.

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