Opportunity to be of service!

By Emory Widener on 4/18/2017

I am so very excited to have been presented this opportunity to be ...

Wendy's Work in Juarez

By Wendy Werner on 4/1/2017

Going to Juarez was the most eye-opening thing I have ever done. Se...

Dr. Amy Copeland, DDS

By Amy Copeland on 3/22/2017

After college, I researched joining the Peace Corps because I wante...

Steph Travels: El Crucero Dental/Medical Mission Trip

By Stephanie Connell on 3/4/2017

I am so excited to be able to share God's love and my skills as a D...


People Engaged with Cherry Hills Community Church

Melia Cooksey Andrea Powers Carol Meyer Francis Felix Wanyama Hudson Sleeth Jane Eaton Jon Flynn Scot Morris Adele Virden Stan Bessey Sarah Springer Eva Loring Leslie Richardson Hayden Sleeth George Finlay Jenny McInturff Ken Jaeger Dwayne & Shelley  Mills Audrey Myers Mj garcia KaraLee Hensley Kelley Frey becky conzelman Wendy Werner Jake Ross Ann Nerney Lindsey Bush Cole Scherer Keshia leach Brent Hines Grace Myers Ashley Butler Sheri Haughton Jamie Myers Justin Mullins Kelsey Zwart Shay Wedeking Liesl Young Monica Kopp Joel Walter Karen Story Natalie Abplanalp Abby Walz Jisel Vazquez Grayson Zwart Cheryl Strong Molly Hunt Jen Ortmann Jacob Haughton Beth Anderson Jessica Gimbel Tyler Brayton Abigail McVay McFall Family Project Austin Grigg Kim Glaser Heather Lowe Chantal Spires Heather Korinek Chad Scherer Mackenzie Zody Jim Heckman Matt Misegadis Mark Hinds Clair Morrill Nathan Korinek Allyson Story Jodi Heiser Joani Baird Baden Dunn scott skomal Brian Wood Cindy Alexander Tim Guthrie Richard Steele Chelsea Boh Lorie Ann Robinson Tice Nancy  Knudson Jim Conzelman Chris Barker Jeremiah Abplanalp Amanda Adams Jerry Biesboer Mike Hulley Mack Nock Grace Simpson Susie Thomas Kristine Gardner Shelley Zerr Sally Brandberg Zoe Henke Laurie Abplanalp Leah Ross Leyel Hudson Gary Vaughn Jane Nichols Sean McInturff Caralyn Ladd Julie Moses Ronald Stecker